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We Know GCHQ Spied on Amnesty International But We Still Don't Know Why
Amnesty calls it a "shocking" revelation.
Coms Get Doxed: ICANN Is Considering Forcing Website Owners to Go Public
Potentially more innocents than infringers, if people don’t speak up.
Breathing perfect air on Mars is possible, study says -
When the first two colonists land on Mars, they could step into ready-made living quarters, remove their space helmets and take a whiff of breathable air.
Want to buy your own airship? Get your orders in now -
If you've always dreamed of soaring through the skies at the helm of your very own airship, it's time to get out your checkbook: Orders are now open.
Joyride on a jetpack: Taking to the 'skies' over Paris -
Handed the controls of a real jetpack simulator, could you emulate James Bond in 'Thunderball' -- or even George Jetson? Find out how CNN did.
Movie buff creates real-life Iron Man glove -
You've seen the films — now you can have the gadgets. Meet the tech-enthusiast who can make the real-life film and game props that you can take home.
Man killed by a factory robot in Germany
Ars Technica
Volkswagen attributes the death to human error.
If genetic screening helps those at risk, why not screen everyone?
Ars Technica
Testing helps fight ovarian, breast cancers—but not everyone agrees on how to do it.

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Fourth of July Downer: Fireworks Cause Air Pollution : DNews
Fireworks are a beloved tradition of the Fourth of July, but the colorful displays also bring a spike in air pollution, a new study shows. Continue reading →
Artist Hacks Small Town's Camera System : DNews
Photographer creates surveillance exhibit by taking control of security camera using a simple Google search. Continue reading →
Blind Hikers Cross Mountains with Special GPS : DNews
Thanks to an experimental smartphone app and special GPS, five French hikers crossed a mountain range unaccompanied by sighted guides.
More Heat Waves Will Up Health Risks: UN : DNews
Countries will need to create systems to counter the health risks of heatwaves climate change makes them more frequent, the UN says.
DNews: Why Don't Animals Get Sunburns? : DNews
It’s extremely important to wear sunscreen when you’re outside, but did you know that some animals create their own sunscreen?
BP to pay $18.7 billion in Deepwater Horizon legal settlement
Ars Technica
Environmentalists say it could take decades to determine spill's effects.
Confirmed stupid: A patent on firewalls, circa 2000
Ars Technica
EFF's "Stupid Patent of the Month" is back, notwithstanding a defamation suit.
PSA: Amazon Prime offering discounts on new/upcoming games
Ars Technica
Stealth launch offers savings of about 10 percent on select titles.
Heads-up displays in cars can hinder driver safety
Ars Technica
A new study suggests HUDs could actually increase driver distraction.
Drone hunts down suspect in car theft and robbery
Ars Technica
Police borrow firefighter's off-the-shelf drone to locate man hiding in marsh.
San Francisco Creates New Office To Regulate Airbnb, Other Short-Term Rentals
The city of San Francisco and Airbnb have a somewhat contentious relationship, most recently involving tens of millions of dollars in back-taxes the short-term rental company agreed to pay the city...
Amazon Will Reportedly Pay Self-Published E-Book Authors $.006 Per Page Read
Last month, Amazon revealed it planned to begin a new payment system that entailed paying some authors per page read instead of per book purchased. Today, we know a little more about those impendin...
Washington Woman Is First U.S. Measles Death In More Than A Decade
Last year's measles outbreak was dubbed the worst in the U.S. in 14 years, with 288 cases of the potentially deadly infection popping up in 18 states, but no one died. Similarly, the more recent me...
Google Subsidiary Apologizes For Including Concentration Camps In Mobile Game
It can be a good thing for game developers to include real-life sights in the unreal world of video games, but there are cases where such inclusions are simply unacceptable. This was the case for a...
Indiegogo Campaign To Bail Out Greece Has Raised $1.65 Million... Only $1.77 Trillion To Go
With Greece facing such a dire debt crisis that it recently shut down the country's banking system in order to keep money from flooding out across its borders, it's going to take a massive effort t...
This Chrome Bug Make It Hard to Tell If You're on the Real Facebook
A researcher spoofed taking advantage of the bug.
Apple's Wacky Vision of the Future From 1987 Never Gets Old
It's never a bad time for this classic 1987 forward-looking Apple ad.
This Isn't a Real Beach
This artist's image renders using the Unreal Engine 4 are almost too good to be true.
Using 'Terrorist Encryption' Is a Good Way to Get Noticed by the NSA
Terrorist using homegrown crypto are easy targets for NSA's XKEYSCORE.

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