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Imagine life without broadband Internet (Opinion) -
Millions of Americans still don't have access to affordable broadband services. That needs to change and Congress can do something about it.
Ceres Resembles Saturn's Icy Moons
Universe Today
Ceres' topography is revealed in full (but false) color in a new map created from elevation data gathered by NASA's Dawn spacecraft, now nearly five months in orbit around the dwarf planet orbiting...
Faces of the Solar System
Universe Today
“Look, it has a tiny face on it!” This sentiment was echoed ‘round the web recently, as an image of Pluto’s tiny moon Nix was released by the NASA New Horizons team. Sure, we’ve all been there. Lay...
Blues for the Second Full Moon of July
Universe Today
Brace yourselves for Blue Moon madness. The month of July 2015 hosts two Full Moons: One on July 2nd and another coming right up this week on Friday, July 31st at 10:43 Universal Time (UT)/6:43 AM ...
See Pluto’s Icy Flow Plains and Mountains Revealed in Highest Resolution Flyover Mosaic and Movie
Universe Today
Until barely two weeks ago, Pluto tantalized humanity for eight decades with mysteries we could only imagine - seen as just a point of light or fuzzy blob in the world’s most powerful telescopes. N...
Flowing Ice, Exotic Mountains and Backlit Haze Highlight Pluto as Never Seen Before
Universe Today
Spectacular imagery of huge regions of flowing ice, monumental mountain ranges and a breathtakingly backlit atmospheric haze showing Pluto as we’ve never seen it before, were among the newest disco...
USAF High Throughput Tactical Satcom Takes Flight in Stunning Florida Sunset Blastoff
Universe Today
CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL - An advanced military communications satellite that will significantly fortify tactical communications amongst U.S. and allied military forces took flight this...
An Avalanche of Toxic Coal Waste Slammed Vietnam, and More Are on the Way
Coal power + climate change = more sludge tsunamis.
The First Version of Programming Language and Cryptocurrency 'Ethereum' Is Out
Coding on 'Frontier' isn’t without its risks.

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Three 'Super-Earths' Spotted Around Nearby Star : DNews
Astronomers said Thursday they had found a planetary system with three super-Earths orbiting a bright, dwarf star -- one of them likely a volcanic world of molten rock.
Balloons to Transmit Speedy Wi-Fi to Sri Lanka : DNews
Each balloon is equipped with solar panels to power communications gear that transmits LTE Internet signals.
Fruit Flies Play Video Game, Show Self-Awareness : DNews
Some fruit flies, when put in front of a video game, controlled the game, meaning that they had awareness of their surroundings and where they stood in them. Continue reading →
Washington D.C. Is Sinking : DNews
The nation's capital will drop 6 inches in the next 100 years, and coupled with sea-level rise faces a flooding double-whammy.
Rosetta's Comet Does Battle With the Solar Wind : DNews
As Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko approaches perihelion, the sun is heating up its nucleus and the solar wind is causing its tail to evolve. And the Rosetta mission has a ringside seat.
Shark Files: Tiger Sharks Get Some Good Food News : DNews
The smooth predator might just have an easier time finding one of its favorite meals.
U.S. Swear Maps Show Who Cusses Where : DNews
Find out which U.S. regions swear like Marines and which are more restrained in this new data dump. Continue reading →
Texas Attorney General Says RadioShack Knowingly Sold Gift Cards That Would Soon Expire
If the leadership of a company knows that they're about to file for bankruptcy, should they stop selling gift cards? That's what the Attorney General in Texas contends: that RadioShack knew after t...
Now Kids Can Chat With Thomas The Tank Engine, Too
You might remember Hello Barbie, a wifi-enabled smart doll that lets children hold conversations with their Barbie dolls...after that speech is recorded, transmitted to product creator ToyTalk, con...
FDA Warns About Mixups Between Drugs With Similar Names
Here's a scary thought: dangerous medication mixups could begin at your doctor's office. The FDA put out a warning today that they've received reports of mixups between similarly-named drugs that d...
Hanes Website Is The Latest, Oddest Victim Of Data Breach
To be honest, we had no idea that you could buy Hanes underwear (and socks, shirts, etc) from the Hanes website, mostly because we'd never really thought to look at the Hanes website. But if you ha...
Man With Prosthetic Leg Says He Was Told To Stay Off Water Park’s Slides
There's perhaps nothing as refreshing in the heat of summer than splashing around in cool water. But one man said he was kept from the fun and relief a water park's attractions can bring, after a w...
Why Are Lie Detectors Still a Thing?
Despite reams of studies that say you can’t reliably tell lies from bodily responses, this popular device lives on.
This Undersea Lab Prepares Astronauts for Space
♬ Life is much better down where it’s wetter, take it from me ♬
Here Is Your WIRED Star Wars Challenge for Day 89
It's Talk in an Elevator Day! Time to strike up a conversation with a stranger about the Battle of Hoth.
How Shake Shack Made a 70-Year-Old Font Hot Again
From Shake Shack to Washington D.C., Neutra is popping up everywhere.
Adventures in Super Strange Scientific Experiments
It may look like science fiction, but these images are actually from state-of-the-art research institutes.
Should Body-Cam Footage Always Go Public? It’s Complicated
The wide adoption of body cameras is complicated, fraught with privacy concerns and complex issues.
The New Mission: Impossible Is a Cruise-Pegg Bromance
Maybe this franchise should've been a buddy-flick series the whole time.

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