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United in-flight Wi-Fi reportedly blocks Ars Technica and New York Times
Ars Technica
Apparently we're "inappropriate." Read this before you get on a plane!
NASA wraps up Space Launch System engine test, Buzz Aldrin points way to Mars
Ars Technica
RS-25 rockets from Aerojet Rocketdyne completed seven “hot fire” tests.
American Airlines Will Honor Super Low
Unlike its fellow major carrier United Airlines, American Airlines says it will honor super cheap fares some lucky customers nabbed last week due to a glitch in its booking system. Airline Reporter...
Court Rules NSA Phone Data Collection That Is Now Changing Anyway Is Still Legal
After several years of back-and-forth rulings, an appeals court in Washington, D.C. has ruled today that the NSA's controversial bulk phone data collection program can indeed continue... at least u...
Pirates May Have Broken Netflix’s 4K DRM
An Ulltra HD copy of ‘Breaking Bad’ has appeared on a private BitTorrent site.
Uber Just Hired the Two Infamous Jeep Hackers
Hack cars, get hired.
Hawaii fights TMT, the world's largest telescope -
Native Hawaiians are fighting to prevent the TMT, or Thirty Meter Telescope, from being built on sacred ground. The TMT would be the world's largest telescope.
Floyd Mayweather pulls up to work in $4.8 million car -
When your nickname is "Money," turning up to work in a $4.8 million car represents just another day in the office.
How to rein in drone nightmares (Opinion)  -
The latest dumb drone antics represent a failure of imagination by our nation's policymakers.

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10 Bio-hacks that Augment Humans, Plants and Food : DNews
Do-it-yourself bioengineering and garage-based DNA sequencing let anyone alter the human condition.
iPhone 6s: Force Touch and Other Changes on the Way : DNews
Here's what we know about Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S Plus so far.
eBay No Longer Allows 2 Non-PayPal Payment Processors After Divorce From eBay
eBay and PayPal have now completed their divorce, and one of the terms that they agreed to is that eBay still has to process a large number of its payments using PayPal. That could be the reason wh...
Amazon Lets Third-Party Merchants Limit Where They'll Ship Prime Items For Free
Amazon's Prime program includes third-party merchants, whose shops let the online Everything Store expand its inventory without building more warehouse space. While the company is experimenting wit...
Burger King Joins Nabisco Brand Party, Tries Chips Ahoy Milkshake
Fast-food and coffee chains want to serve up drinks and desserts that are flavored like chocolate chip cookies, but these aren't just any old chocolate chip cookies. No, chains including Dunkin' Do...
The NSA Has Quantum Fever
Conventional Suite B encryption is still basically brand new, but don't bother, says the agency.
Physicists 'Squeeze' the Uncertainty Out of the Uncertainty Principle
Thank absolute zero temperatures and something called 'quantum squirting.'
While You Were Offline: Everything You Know About Friends Is Wrong!
Your life's a joke, you're broke, so why not catch up everything you missed on the Internet this week?
Black Lives Matter Inspired This Chilling Fantasy Novel
N.K. Jemisin's life experience differs greatly from that of most fantasy authors, and it's reflected in her work, which is as exciting as it is non-traditional.
High-Tech Emergency Shelter Looks Straight Out of Star Wars
The Exo completely reimagines what an emergency shelter can be. It's idealistic, but long past due.
Space Photos of the Week: A Nebula Becomes a Butterfly
Space photos of the week, August 23–29.
Has Amazon Cracked the Problem With In-App Payments?
In-app payments aren't going away any time soon. But increasingly, alternatives are becoming available that might offer some relief.
Experiment confirms that quantum mechanics scoffs at our local reality
Ars Technica
The last loopholes for determinism squeezed out in latest work.
Uber hires researchers who hacked Chrysler Uconnect
Ars Technica
Charlie Miller, Chris Valasek reportedly hired to help secure self-driving cars.
The Surreal Emotional Cadence Of Tech Notifications, Illustrated
Notifications have a dirty job to do to grab the flittish eyeballs of tech users. But some of these digital chat-up-lines go about this unlovely task by..
The Honeywell Bubble Count Revisited
I am a tall straight white cisgendered Canadian man in excellent health, i.e. I won pretty much every available lottery on the day I was born. People expect..
These Fish Were Made for Walking: Photos : DNews
Some fish don't mind feeling the Earth under their fins.
The Tropical Island Prison Older Than Alcatraz: Photos : DNews
A sort of mini Alcatraz off the coast of Florida once held one of America's most famous prisoners.
Google Chrome to block auto-playing Flash ads starting September 1
Ars Technica
Video players will still work; non-essential content—like ads—will be blocked.

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