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Facebook, Instagram briefly go down; Twitter freaks out -
For about an hour this morning, humans across the world were briefly forced to interact with each other in person.
Amazing Impact Crater Where a Triple Asteroid Smashed into Mars
Universe Today
At first glance, you many not guess that this feature on Mars is an impact crater. The reason it looks so unusual is that it likely is a triple impact crater, formed when three asteroids struck all...
How to Fight for the
Universe Today
Can documentary films actually change the way people think about a topic? Films like “The Thin Blue Line,” “The Triumph of Will,” and “Harlan County USA” are definitely documentaries that swayed bo...
Silk Road trial: How the Dread Pirate Roberts embraced violence
Ars Technica
When "redandwhite" reached out, DPR was solicitous—in more ways than one.
DOJ inspector general: reporter’s hacking claims can’t be substantiated
Ars Technica
Sharyl Attkisson's allegations of government spying not backed by evidence, says report.
Amazon reports modest Q4 earnings and 2014 loss, but stock soars
Ars Technica
Amazon Web Services skyrockets, Prime Membership shows strong growth too.
Collision avoidance predicts pedestrians’ behavior
Ars Technica
A simple rule for a range of crowd behavior.
Data caps can’t be used to snuff out competition, Canada ruling says
Ars Technica
Two carriers ordered to stop exempting their own TV services from caps.
New NASA Satellite to Map Earth's Dirt From Orbit : DNews
NASA's next Earth-observing satellite is ready to launch Thursday (Jan. 29), and it could vastly improve the way scientists monitor droughts around the world.

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Stunning Supernova Has Bubbly Interior : DNews
A new three dimensional model of the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant provides insights into how these massive explosions occur.
Could Super Bowl Be Influenced By Biological Clocks? : DNews
The outcome of this weekend's Super Bowl, along with other major sporting events, may depend on whether the players are night owls or early birds.
Will Gene Sequencing Make Food Safer? : DNews
IBM and Mars Inc. are teaming up to genetically sequence the microbial communities that exist in food production facilities so consumers can be better protected.
Woman sues Uber in US over rape by driver in New Delhi
Ars Technica
Lawsuit argues that firm sacrificed rider safety in favor of financial bottom line.
Have a scientific problem? Steal an answer from nature
Ars Technica
From submarines to algorithms, nature's optimality hands researchers design inspiration.
Homeland Security nabs $19.5 million in “unsafe” NFL fan gear
Ars Technica
Crackdown comes ahead of the big game on Sunday.
Comcast now has more than half of all US broadband customers
Ars Technica
Under new 25Mbps broadband definition, Comcast has 56% market share.
Sega cuts hundreds of jobs in PC/mobile-focused restructuring
Ars Technica
US headquarters to move from San Francisco to southern California.
'A golden shining moment': the true story behind Atari's ET, the worst video game ever
the Guardian
Legend has it that millions of copies of Atari’s tie-in with the sci-fi blockbuster were secretly buried in New Mexico after the game was branded a stinker. A new documentary, Atari: Game Over, goes digging for the truth
Angry Birds set sights on Candy Crush with new mobile puzzle games
the Guardian
Rovio soft-launches Angry Birds Stella Pop and Angry Birds Fight, with both ditching bird-flinging gameplay for match-three puzzling
Google Glass is on a strategic 'reset' and eight other things we learned
the Guardian
Google missed Wall Street’s revenue expectations, but it revealed people really love watching adverts, claimed credit for the success of The Interview and let people send money via Gmail
When will gamers understand that criticism isn't censorship?
the Guardian
Anita Sarkeesian has announced a new video series looking into masculinity and video games. The hate has already started, but it is misplaced
Why the Church of England should praise the Lord for emojis
the Guardian
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby may not be too keen on social media, but maybe he should embrace the emoji: it’s a brilliant way to communicate emotion
Flash is dead, and YouTube dealt the killing blow
the Guardian
Will anyone miss Flash when it’s gone? Maybe, if these internet hits spark some nostalgia
Addicted To Tanning? Study Says It Might Be In Your Genes
While there are those of us who shun the sun and it's potential to tan skin into a hue other than scariest white, some people find themselves craving the sun's rays or seeking to get their Vitamin ...
Are Cable Companies Lowering HBO Rates In Advance Of Standalone HBO Go?
Though we still don't know a specific launch date, name, or monthly cost of HBO's upcoming standalone streaming service, it looks like some pay-TV providers are cutting their rates for the premium ...
Jones New York Will Close Stores, End Wholesale Business
This week hasn't exactly brought good news for women's fashion. Kate Spade announced yesterday that it would shutter its Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores, and today, Jones New York announc...
McDonald's Will Allow Some Customers To Pay With Selfies, Hugs & High Fives Next Week
In its latest effort porving that McDonald's is going to cling to this Lovin' thing and never, ever let it go, the fast-food chain has a new Super Bowl ad promising to reward touchy-feely customers...
CFPB Proposal Aims To Improve Mortgage Access In Rural & Underserved Areas
A new proposal issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week aims to make it easier for consumers in rural and underserved areas of the United State to obtain mortgages. The CFPB pro...

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