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Neutrinos, ghosts of the universe (Opinion) -
The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics were given to two researchers for their groundbreaking research on neutrino oscillations.
Is this the future of urban mobility? -
Is this how we're going to go about our business in the city of tomorrow? A look at the most outlandish designs for personal mobility vehicles.
Did your get phubbed by your boss? (Opinion) -
Stop the phubbing! Our love affair with the smartphone is wreaking havoc on personal and workplace relationships.
Why your cat needs an iPad -
A slew of apps and other tech toys are now being marketed to our pet cats and dogs.
Watch Lenticular Clouds Form in the Moonlight
Universe Today
Clouds and moonlight are usually the bane of astronomers and astrophotographers. But on a recent evening at Mount Shasta in northern California, the two combined for a stunning look at usual cloud …
Guide to October’s Conjunction Mania, See Venus in Daylight
Universe Today
Tomorrow morning might be a good time to call for extra celestial traffic control. A slip of a crescent Moon will join a passel of planets in the dawn sky for the first of several exciting conjunct…
Carnival of Space #426
Universe Today
The tent is up! This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Pamela Hoffman at the Everyday Spacer blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #426. Share this:EmailPrintShare on Tumblr
Comet US10 Catalina: Our Guide to Act II
Universe Today
Itching for some cometary action? After a fine winter’s performance from Comet C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy, 2015 has seen a dearth of good northern hemisphere comets. That’s about to change, however, as Come…

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Volkswagen’s emissions cheating scandal has a long, complicated history
Ars Technica
Emissions are a favorite compromise when considering price, miles per gallon, performance.
SHA1 algorithm securing e-commerce and software could break by year’s end
Ars Technica
Researchers warn widely used algorithm should be retired sooner.
The TC Meetup + Pitch-Off In Nola Goes Down Tonight!
The TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-off is disrupting New Orleans tonight, which means there is no better time for you to register for tickets than right now...
Munchery Hires La Boulange Founder Pascal Rigo To Improve The Customer Experience
On-demand food delivery startup Munchery just hired Pascal Rigo, the founder of upscale bakery La Boulange, which Starbucks bought for $100 million in 2012...
Swiftkey Releases Predictive Keyboard Built On A Neural Network
Building what amounts to a neural network inside a platform has long been one of the goals of computing and many a startup, but in the main they remain the..
Vimeo Invests In Three More Original Series
Online video-sharing site Vimeo is increasing its investment in original programming, the company announced this morning, as it detailed its plans for three..
Flatiron School Launches Full Online Curriculum With Learn Verified
Flatiron School, an accelerated educational program for web and mobile development, is switching up its model with the launch of Learn Verified...
After Giraffe, Danish Children to Watch Lion Dissection : DNews
A Danish zoo said it would dissect a lion in front of children, undeterred by the outrage a similar experience in a Copenhagen zoo caused last year.
Cancer-Free Elephants May Hold Key to Cure : DNews
Nature has figured out how to prevent cancer in elephants, and now new research is revealing their disease-fighting strategies could also work in people.
That Runner's High? Not Endorphins : DNews
That feel-good, floaty feeling runners get comes from the same molecules found in marijuana, research finds.
The Hills Are Alive with Landscape Art: Photos : DNews
Using both high-tech and low-tech strategies, artists transform landscapes into works of art.
Pompeii Victims' Bodies Revealed in Scans: Photos : DNews
The analysis revealed, among other facts, that the victims of Pompeii had very healthy teeth.
Kidney Tissue Grown in Lab Could Boost Transplants : DNews
The tissue could replace animals in drug toxicity tests.
DNews Stormtracker : DNews
Large swathes of South Carolina remained under water and under threat from failing dams Wednesday, as the death toll from record floods in the southeastern United States rose to 17.
Liking isn’t enough? New Facebook “reactions” offer “wow,” “sad,” more
Ars Technica
Debuting today as test feature for mobile, desktop users in certain European countries.
“Weev” threatens prosecutors with info from Ashley Madison leaks
Ars Technica
Hacker pours out his anger at federal prosecutors who "spewed nothing but lies."
New study rearranges family tree of birds
Ars Technica
Suggests many bird species are descended from an early raptor-like ancestor.
City council member resigns over cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme
Ars Technica
Former Arcadia Mayor John Wuo named as defendant in Gemcoin civil suit.
Suspicious of tethering, AT&T threatens to kill man’s unlimited data plan
Ars Technica
Customer suspects AT&T wants him off older unlimited data plan.

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